Eitaro Ryuku Lemon (Shikuwasa) Candy - 2.69 oz


Eitaro is a Japanese confectionery company established in 1818 that specializes in traditional candies of the Edo era. These candies are passionately made by confectioners with natural ingredients. Fruits and other food ingredients are processed by a special method to preserve their natural sweetness, fragrance, and color so that these candies can be made without using artificial coloring or flavoring. Ryuku lemon, also known as shikuwasa, is a citrus fruit in the mandarin family that is a specialty of Okinawa. It has a unique sweet and tangy flavor that is quite unlike any other citrus fruit.


Ingredients: Corn & potato syrup, sugar, brown sugar, jaggery, citrus juice powder (citrus juice [shikuwasa], dextrin), salt, citrus powder (shikuwasa), citric acid.