Peony Mark Dried Honeysuckle Flower - 3 oz


Japanese honeysuckle, also known as golden-and-silver flower (jin yin hua) or winter enduring vine (ren don teng), are the the edible flowers of the plant Lonicera japonica. These young blossoms are intensely floral and fragrant with a honey-like flavor that is sweet and refreshing. Honeysuckle was traditionally reserved for Chinese medicine but is now a staple in tea blends, infusions, and even eaten as a vegetable.


Uses: Honeysuckle can be brewed on its own with boiling water similar to other tisanes such as hibiscus or rooibos. These flowers can be infused into alcohol, syrup, or honey for their complex flavor. Rehydrated honeysuckle can be used as a vegetable in a variety of dishes such as stir-fry noodles.