Black Solo Garlic - 8.8 oz


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Black garlic is a rich condiment made by slowly heating whole heads of garlic over a period of several weeks. The natural sugars of the garlic slowly caramelize through the Maillard reaction. The resulting garlic becomes soft and intensely fragrant with a lingering, mellow sweetness and rich, distinctive flavor. Black garlic is a phenomenal ingredient for sauces, dressings, and toppings for any food that pairs well with ordinary garlic.


Uses: Black garlic is delicious in purees and mixed into sauces such as mayonnaise. It pairs exceptionally well with acid such as balsamic or sherry vinegar or sugars such as maple syrup and honey. Our favorite use is adding chopped black garlic to potato salad.


This black garlic is made using solo garlic: a special variety of garlic that contains a single large clove per head.