Chiu Chow Thai Fried Fish Cake - 16 oz


Fish cake, or fish ball, is a cooked fish product made from fish paste, binder, and seasonings. It is an essential part of Asian cuisine in noodle dishes, soups, stews, and barbecue. Chiu Chow fish cake is seasoned with Thai aromatics such as galangal, garlic, lemongrass, and chili peppers.


Ingredients: Fish meat (purple-spotted bigeye, threadfin bream), water, string bean, curry paste (garlic, chili, lemongrass, shallot, galangal), tapioca starch, salt, soybean oil, rice flour, monosodium glutamate, kaffir lime leaves, transglutaminase, paprika color (natural food coloring), humectants (titrasodium pyrophosphate, sodium tripolyphosphate).