Big Mustard Green (Gai Choy) - 2 Lbs (大芥菜)


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Chinese mustard greens, also known as gai choy, swatow mustard greens, and mustard cabbage, is a true member of the mustard family. Gai choy has a deep and robust flavor that is savory and aromatic with a pleasant lingering bitterness. This traditional vegetable has deep cultural history due to their ease of growing during harsh conditions. Young mustard greens are often used raw in salads while mature mustard, such as these, are best eaten cooked. Chinese mustard is fragrant and works well as a potherb, aromatic, and vegetable. It pairs very well with rich fatty meats, other vegetables, acid, and herbs.


Uses: Braise gai choy with rich meats such as pork belly and with the addition of other aromatics such as leeks, garlic, star anise, and ginger. Add gai choy to your stir-fry dishes as you would any other vegetable.