Bulldog Vegetable & Fruit Sauce - 10.1 oz


Bulldog sauce is a Japanese condiment made by slowly cooking a special blend of fruits, vegetables, and spices over several days. The natural sweetness and umami of the ingredients are concentrated and enhanced as the consistent heat slowly caramelizes the sauce and water is evaporated. This is one of the most popular sauces in Japan.


Worcestershire sauce is lightly tart, aromatic, and packed full of umami. Its refreshing flavor pairs exceptionally well with heavy food such as steaks, burgers, and fried cutlets.

Chuno sauce is semi-sweet with a light spiciness with pronounced umami. This multi-purpose sauce can be drizzled on fried foods or used as a secret ingredient in dishes like stew or curries.

Tonkatsu sauce is sweet, tangy, and thick with an intensely rich flavor. It pairs perfectly with tonkatsu and street foods such as okonomiyaki and takoyaki.