Bean Sprouts - 1.5 Lbs (豆芽)


Bean sprouts are the young sprouts of the mung bean plant. They are made by sprouting mung beans in the shade to encourage long root growth and harvested just days after they start growing. Bean sprouts have a mild and refreshing flavor with a tender-crisp texture that is deliciously addictive. They are low in calories, filling, and a great source of flavor, contrast, and fiber. They are edible raw or cooked and are an essential addition to ramen, stir-fry dishes, and soups.


Uses: Stir-fry bean sprouts with a generous amount of salt and garlic until they start to turn translucent. Add raw bean sprouts directly to hot soups such as pho or ramen to add texture and fresh flavor. Add a handful of sprouts whole or chopped to salads with a generous shake of salt and drizzle of oil.