A1 Bakuteh Soup Sachet - 1 Bag


Bak kut teh, also called bakuteh, translates into meat bone tea in Hokkien. It is a rich and complex traditional soup featuring pork ribs slowly cooked with an abundance of herbs, spices, and seasonings. Despite being widely beloved and eaten almost daily in Malaysia, bak kut teh's intensive ingredient makes this dish notoriously difficult to create at home. These soup sachets removes the complexities of sourcing the ingredients for bak kut teh as each sachet contains all of the aromatics necessary to make a large pot of soup.

Spices base is Hokkien-style bak kut teh that uses a variety of herbs and soy sauce to yield a fragrant and darker soup.

Herbal base is Cantonese-style bak kut teh that has the additional of various medicinal herbs to create both a delicious soup and double as an herbal remedy.