Kit Kat Biscuits Japan Nestlé

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Kit Kat biscuits are one of Nestlé's flagship products. These snacks feature layers of wafer sticks coated with a variety of different flavors using cocoa butter as the base. Each country has their own unique flavors of Kit Kats that are not found elsewhere. These Kit Kats are imported from Japan and reflect the taste of the Japanese people.

Matcha is a finely powdered Japanese green tea that is vibrant in both color and taste.

Rich matcha features a double portion of matcha powder resulting in an intense flavor accompanied by a light and pleasant bitterness that is characteristic of extra strong green tea.

Black showcases the best qualities of dark chocolate: rich, luxurious, and decadent.

Hojicha is fire roasted Japanese green tea. This flavor is earthy, smoky, and mellow with deep notes of caramel.

Salt lychee balances the richly floral fragrance and flavor of lychee fruit with delicate sea salt flakes. The balance of sweet and salty are a perfect match.

Mainichino nuts & Cranberry adds a plethora of texture and flavor with toppings.