Sashimi Grade Yellowtail Hamachi Collar (Kama) - 8-10 oz


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Hamachi, also known as Japanese amberjack or yellowtail, is a species of jack fish that is prized for its exceptional flavor and texture. These fish are farm-raised in Japan to exacting standards: yellowtail have an optimal size for best taste due to their increasingly higher fat content as they age. Their naturally high marbling results in full flavored flesh that is delicious raw or cooked. Hamachi has a rich, buttery taste, and refreshing citrus-like acidity packed with umami.


The collar is a cut that comes from just behind the head. It is an incredibly marbled cut of the fish that has exceptional flavor. In Japan, the kama is a cut usually reserved for the chef due to its immense scarcity. It is most often eaten cooked and is incredibly popular grilled or roasted with salt and citrus. Kama-toro meat can also be scraped with a spoon and eaten raw as a tartare similar to naka-ochi preparation.


Each collar averages 0.5-1 lb. The collar meat is safe to eat raw or cooked. Please discard the skin as it is inedible. For best taste, we recommend eating it within 2 days or freezing it for up to a month.