USDA Choice Black Angus Flank Steak


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Flank steak is a cut of lean beef boasting exceptional flavor and texture. It is taken from the belly area of the cow, specifically from the flank, which is the underside of the cow between the ribs and the hip. This cut is long and flat, with a noticeable grain running along its length. It is commonly used to make fajitas, steak salad, steak sandwiches, stir-fries, and tacos.

Flank steak should always be marinated first due to it containing almost no fat. The marinating process helps to break down the muscle fibers and infuse the meat with various flavors. Popular marinade ingredients include soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, garlic, herbs, spices, onions, and olive oil. When cooked properly, flank steak is tender, delicious, and more flavorful than other cuts of steak.

Flank steak is best cooked quickly over high heat to medium-rare or medium doneness. This method helps to maintain its tenderness and prevent it from becoming tough. It is important to slice flank steak against the grain, which means cutting across the muscle fibers, to further enhance its tenderness.


Black Angus, also known as Aberdeen Angus, is a breed of black cattle prized for its excellent flavor and marbling.