Wai Wai Oriental Style Instant Rice Vermicelli - 17.5 oz (健力米粉)


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Rice vermicelli is a type of thin noodle made of rice that is used widely in Asian cuisine in both hot and cold dishes. Due to the thin nature of rice vermicelli, these noodles can be conveniently cooked in a matter of minutes. Use rice noodles as a bed to place flavorful meats and vegetables, to add substance to flavorful broths such as pho, or as the primary starch in stir-fry dishes.

Uses: Bring a generous amount of water to a boil before adding dry vermicelli while stirring. When vermicelli is soft and tender, remove from the hot water and rinse thoroughly in cold water. Alternatively, dried vermicelli can be steeped in cold water until soft and then used as desired.