Whole White Plumage Chicken - 4-4.75 Lbs


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Buddhist style poultry is a more appreciative approach to meat consumption. These birds are given the best possible life: they are all natural, free range, and antibiotic free with a diet of natural foods and foraged foods. They are slaughtered only when they've been purchased so there is zero waste due to food spoilage or overstocking. The freshness of this poultry yields incredible flavor and texture that is wholly unlike any commercial bird. Buddhist style poultry is shipped with head and feet attached in accordance with whole animal utilization.


White plumage chickens are an American breed that is suitable for all preparations. It has a delicious flavor and tender texture that takes well to grilling, sautéeing, braising, poaching, and frying.


These birds are freshly slaughtered, super-chilled, and vacuum packed during the week of your order. Please contact us if you have any special requests or needs.