Hokkai Yamato Hokkaido Instant Soup - 1.5 oz


Hokkai Yamato soup bases are delicious and easy to use. Just heat soup mix with powder for a rich and creamy Hokkaido-style soup. This soup is even better with the addition of chicken, clams, or oysters.


Corn Potage Ingredients: Starch, sweet corn powder, creaming powder, glucose, sugar, salt, powdered candy, powdered vegetable oil, powdered condensed milk, powdered butter milk, skim milk, onion, wheat flour, spices, crouton, monosodium glutamate, B-carotene.

Creamy Potage Ingredients: Potato powder, glucose, powdered candy, powdered vegetable oil, salt, starch, cheese powder, onion, skim milk, yeast extract, hydrolyzed protein, wheat flour, carrot powder, spices, crouton, monosodium glutamate.