Moshi Sparkling Yuzu - 12 oz


Moshi Yuzu sparkling drinks are an award-winning (sofi 2020) beverage made with 100% yuzu juice sourced straight from Japan. Each bottle captures the tart and fragrant flavors of yuzu in an easy, accessible, and delicious way.


What is Yuzu?
Yuzu is a fruit unlike any other. Native to Japan, it is tart like a grapefruit and has an aroma similar to a mandarin orange. Yuzu fruits have large seeds and very thick rinds, which are packed full of essential oils that lend to its iconic aroma.

What is Red Shiso?
Red Shiso, also known as “wild basil,” is a red-colored herb used commonly in Asian cuisine. It has a naturally earthy flavor and is used to give our “Yuzu Red Shiso & Apple” Sparkling Drink its iconic pink hue.

What is this “ring” around the neck of my bottle?
Notice a ring in your bottle of Moshi? That’s what we call a Yuzu Halo! Since YUzu has an immense amount of essential oils in the rind, products with 100% Yuzu juice like ours have a ring of their essential oils at the top of the bottle.

Is it safe to consume?
It is absolutely safe to consume and is an all-natural part of Moshi. Not only is the yuzu halo a sign that your yuzu drink is made with real yuzu juice, but it’s also very easy to disperse. Just give it a light swirl to mix.