Kin no Kiwami Dashi Soup Pack - 2.05 oz


Kin no Kiwami dashi packs are permeable pouches that contain all of the ingredients necessary for making true dashi. These dashi packs use high quality ingredients from Japan: each pack contains a carefully balanced blend of dried bonito flakes, kombu, shiitake, mackerel, and herring. The resulting dashi stock is pale golden in color, incredibly clear, and deeply complex in flavor. The umami of this broth lingers on the tongue and is wholly the result of the ingredients and not the addition of MSG. Kin no Kiwami makes it easy to make restaurant quality dashi at home.


Uses: To make dashi: simmer 600 mL (2.5 cups) of water with one pack for 2 minutes. Remove the pack and use the dashi as a base for soups, braises, hot pot, or to flavor other dishes.


Each bag contains 7 dashi packs.