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Introducing Greens for Good, a Welcome to Chinatown and led initiative to serve Chinatown’s senior residents, in partnership with Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC)

Welcome to Chinatown and is pleased to launch Greens for Good, our partnership with the Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC) to broaden our support efforts to the senior community in Manhattan Chinatown while continuing to support Chinatown’s small businesses.

Why are we partnering with CPC?

  • Due to the novel pandemic, senior residents of the Hong Ning Housing for the Elderly (managed by CPC) began their quarantine at home for their health and safety. This has taken a toll on the senior residents' health and well-being because they can no longer go out to do their usual errands with their home care attendants. To limit the number of visits in their homes, most senior residents agreed to pause home care services to reduce the possible spread of infection. Factors such as limited mobility, age, the pandemic, and the rise of xenophobia create fear and isolation among the elderly. As such, CPC partners with community initiatives like Greens for Good to ensure their senior residents are living happily and healthily. The Greens for Good initiative is important because it allows senior residents to stay home, cook meals, and not worry about food supply.

How does the Greens for Good initiative work?

  •, an NYC Asian-owned small business, will provide fresh produce to our beloved elderly Chinatown community. The goal is to provide 140 produce bags each week to tenants at Hong Ning Housing for the Elderly the weeks of May 4th and May 11th. Each produce bag will contain a week’s worth of fresh fruits and vegetables fulfilled by

How can you help?

  • Purchase produce bag(s) to donate: 100% of all donations will go towards purchasing fresh fruits and veggies for the Greens for Good initiative. Our goal is to help meet CPC’s timeline to deliver these produce bags by the week of May 4th, so donations this week are critical to ensure we can fulfill this request.
  • Stay home, and shop for yourself and loved ones: 10% of delivery orders placed on between April 27th and May 11th will be donated by Asian-Veggies to this Greens for Good initiative.

To learn more about this initiative, read here. To learn more about Welcome to Chinatown, visit their website ( and follow them on Instagram to receive updates and more to see how you can be involved in our other projects!