Heart of Veggies, A Collaboration Between Asian Veggies and Heart of Dinner to Serve the AAPI Elder Community

Heart of Veggies, A Collaboration Between Asian Veggies and Heart of Dinner to Serve the AAPI Elder Community

Amidst the surge of hate crimes against our AAPI community, Asian Veggies is excited to launch Heart of Veggies, our partnership with Heart of Dinner to broaden our support efforts to the Asian elder community in NYC.

Call to Action

Like all of you, we are heartbroken about the recent surge in hate crimes against the AAPI community. We are collectively grieving these attacks and hostility toward our community, which—as too many of us know firsthand—has been going on for a lot longer than these past few weeks.

But our community is resilient. From the younger generation, to the po po’s and gong gong’s, we have to come together. We know the power of community, and we know the power of partnership. That is why we are extremely excited to introduce our newest initiative, a collaboration with the incredible Chinatown-based organization Heart of Dinner: Heart of Veggies, a three week long drive to serve our Asian elders with produce bags and care packages.

How does the Heart of Veggies initiative work?

Starting tomorrow, Asian Veggies will be donating ALL of our profits towards veggies for Heart of Dinner from April 5th to April 26th. We are coming together to serve our most vulnerable population, AAPI seniors. Through this initiative, all of our profits will be used to provide Heart of Dinner with cases of our veggies, which will be used to make care packages for our elder community. 

Why are we partnering with Heart of Dinner?

Founded at the onset of COVID-19, Heart of Dinner exists to combat food insecurity and isolation within NYC’s elderly Asian American seniors – two long-standing community issues heightened by the pandemic. They do this by delivering weekly care packages of hot lunches, fresh produce, and bulk ingredients, lovingly paired with a handwritten and illustrated letter in Chinese or Korean. They now serve 1,500+ elders in Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, and have delivered over 60,000 meals over the past year! To learn more about Heart of Dinner, visit their website (www.heartofdinner.org) and follow them on Instagram to receive updates and more to see how you can be involved in their other projects!

How can you help?

Shop for yourself and loved ones: All profits on delivery orders placed on Asian-Veggies.com between April 5th and April 26th will be donated by Asian Veggies to the Heart of Veggies initiative.

Thank You

Without all of you, this wouldn’t be possible. While we may be heartbroken right now, we will get through this moment of fear and separation by coming together. We hope that our veggies will not only be delicious, but that they will sow hope and healing in our community, and that together, we can begin to make our hearts full again.