S&B Umami Topping Crunchy Garlic with Chili Oil - 3.88 oz


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S&B taberu la-yu umami topping is an intensely aromatic condiment made from flavorful ingredients such as chili pepper, garlic, sesame oil, onion powder, soy sauce powder, onion, almond, sesame seeds, and more. It is a Japanese variant of the increasingly popular chili crisp condiment that is taking the world by storm as both a versatile condiment and seasoning in dishes such as mala dry pot. The flavors in this chili crisp are mild and complex with a heavy emphasis on aromatics rather than spiciness.


Uses: Chili crisp is a versatile condiment that pairs well with nearly all foods. Use it as condiment that can be used to season foods, dips, sauces, or as a topping. Add chili crisp at the end of the cooking process as too much heat can turn the flavor bitter or acrid.


For best results, stir well before each use.