[Clearance] Traditional Foods Meili Chufang - 10.58 oz

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Meili Chufang is a brand of traditional Chinese foods such as porridge and soup that take a significant amount of time to make properly. These classic dishes are made available in convenient ready-to-eat packages.


Red bean soup is a traditional dessert served at the end of banquets alongside orange slices as well as during celebrations and holidays. This red bean soup is just three ingredients: red beans, water, and sugar. It is delicious eaten hot or cold.

Mung bean soup is a popular variety of sweet dessert soup (tong sui).  Mung beans have a distinctive flavor and aroma that is earthy, crisp, and fresh.

Black rice porridge is made by cooking a mixture of forbidden black rice and white rice slowly with water. Black rice has a distinctive flavor and aroma that is delicious in both savory and sweet preparations. Black rice is eaten for both heath and flavor. This package is made with no preservatives or additives and has just three simple ingredients: water, black rice, and polished rice.

Rice porridge is made by slowly cooking polished rice with water. Porridge is a mild and comforting food that is eaten often for breakfast or when sick.


Uses: Eat these packages as a light meal or snack. Add additional toppings such as fruit or mochi for dessert.