Spain Sharoni Persimmon - 3 Pieces


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Sharoni, or Sharon, persimmons are a tomato-shaped fruit that are seasonally available in fall and winter. It is similar to the fuyu persimmon. Despite their appearance, they are interestingly categorized as a botanical berry. Persimmons have a thin orange skin with flesh that changes texture from crisp-crunchy to tender and succulent as they ripen. They have a sweet flavor that is a blend of apricot, mango, and brown sugar with notes of citrus. Sharoni persimmons, unlike other persimmon varieties, are completely without astringency and can eaten at all stages of ripeness. Persimmons are best ripened at room temperature which can be sped up by submerging the fruit in uncooked rice.


Sharoni persimmons are grown in Spain and modeled after the Israel Sharon persimmon which are world-renowned for their excellent flavor.