Yummy Giant Plums - 3 Pieces


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September Yummy is a late season Japanese plum that is available in the fall. This fruit has a red flesh with yellow speckling and a cream-colored flesh. September Yummy plums remain firm and crunchy even when they seem to exhibit signs of softening. This fruit has a rich plum flavor paired with delicate sweetness and a hint of tartness.


Uses: Plums are excellent raw or used as a topping for frozen desserts, tarts, or pies. Chopped plums can be cooked gently over a low heat with sugar to make a delicious syrup or topping.


Plums make surprisingly good pickles. Try steeping sliced plums in 2:3 parts rice vinegar to sugar with salt, star anise, a ginger, and cinnamon for at least 3 days.