Sweetheart (Glutinous) Lychee with Stem - 1 Lb

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Sweetheart lychee, or glutinous lychee, are named for their small, chicken heart-shaped seeds and excellent flavor. They are the most coveted species of lychee due to their high yield, flavorful flesh, and extremely limited season. Sweetheart stem lychee are individually inspected for ripeness and hand-harvested with shears to yield even higher quality fruit. Lychee are a type of soapberry and the only fruit of its kind in the genus Litchi. Lychee have a hard peel with incredibly sweet white flesh coupled with a rich floral flavor speckled with hints of melon. These fruits are related to longan and rambutan although their flavors are not similar. Lychee are one of the most beloved fruits in Asia and are ubiquitous as an ingredient and flavoring in drinks, confections, and desserts.


Uses: Always wash and and peel lychee before consumption as the skin can be bitter and astringent. The soft white flesh can be easily separated by hand from the rough peel and shiny seed within.