Free Range Chicken Gizzards - 12 oz

Chicken gizzards are a muscle located in the stomach of a chicken that grinds up food using small stones and grit. They are chicken giblets alongside liver and heart. They are flavorful with a light chewiness. Chicken gizzards should be sliced thin and cooked very quickly for braised until tender. They can be tough if cooked as-is. Some common uses of chicken gizzards include:
  • Simmered in soups and stews: chicken gizzards can be simmered with vegetables and seasonings to make a hearty stew or soup.

  • Fried: chicken gizzards can be breaded and fried, often served with dipping sauce or as a side dish.

  • Chicken gizzards are essential in traditional offal dishes such as "menudo" and "caldereta".

  • Confit: Gizzards can be cooked in a mixture of fat, herbs and spices.

  • Skewers: Gizzards can be skewered, marinated, and grilled as a skewer or a kabob.

  • Gizzards can ground and added to gravies and sauces to give them a more complex flavor and texture.

These chicken gizzards are harvested from free range, organic birds that have been fed an all vegetable diet without antibiotics. They have been flash frozen straight after slaughter to preserve freshness and flavor.