Nguyen Coffee Supply Truegrit (100% Peaberry Robusta) - 12 oz


Nguyen Coffee Supply is a local specialty Vietnamese coffee company importing whole beans via sustainable direct-trade and roasting in Brooklyn. Each coffee bean undergoes a unique roasting method to best bring out their individual flavor profiles and the perfect balance of smoothness, aroma, and nuttiness. Peaberry robusta is an iconic Vietnamese coffee strain which contains almost twice the amount of caffeine and antioxidants than arabica beans with 60% less sugar and fats. It is one of the strongest coffees pound for pound.

Variety: 100% single origin peaberry robusta.

Type: Ground

Taste: Full-bodied and aromatic with notes of scotch, grapefruit peel, and a hint of bitter melon.

Recommended brewing method: Phin, drip, French press.