Miso Paste Yamajirushi - 26.4 oz


Nama miso is raw, unpasteurized soybean paste that has higher amounts of nutrients compared to conventional miso and the addition of beneficial cultures that promote healthy gut flora. Yamajirushi is an old Japanese company with a history of producing high quality unpasteurized miso that is natural, rich, complex, and flavorful.


Aka miso is red in color and the most intensely flavored variant. Aka miso is fermented for the longest period of time resulting in deeper flavor, higher salinity, and intensity. It is good for marinades and aggressive dishes such as marinades.

Shiro Miso is pale in color and milder in flavor. Shiro miso is fermented the least amount of time resulting in a product that is subtle, delicate, and incredibly versatile. This miso has the least amount of salt and is usable in the most recipes from caramel to soup.

Awase miso is proprietary blend of shiro (white) and aka (red) miso that is unique to each miso producer. It has some of the best characteristics of both types of miso. Awase miso is versatile as it is equally suited for both aggressive preparations (marinades) and mild dishes (soup and ramen). Awase miso is the ideal choice for the home pantry due to its many applications.

Koji miso puts a focus on shio koji: the mold culture used to start the fermentation process of miso. Koji miso has a subtly sweet and fragrant aroma in addition to the flavors of miso.


Uses: Mix miso with honey and marinate fatty fish such as salmon or black cod overnight and then broil to perfection. Miso also makes a delicious addition to dressings or sauces: just whisk miso vigorously with a small amount of liquid first to remove any clumps.