[Limited Season] Hokkaido Nagaimo Mountain Yam - 1 Lb

Nagaimo, also known as Japanese yam, mountain yam, or cinnamon-vine, is a flowering plant in the yam family. These true yams are prized for their distinctive slippery mouthfeel and subtle nutty flavor.  It is an essential ingredient in making fluffy and delicious okonomiyaki and takoyaki. Nagaimo, unlike other yams, can be eaten raw. Grated nagaimo (tororo) is a common topping for soba and udon noodles.


Uses: Peel nagaimo before use as the skin can be very fibrous. Cut into rounds as use as a vegetable in stir-fry dishes, soups, and stews. Try using grated nagaimo as a topping for soba noodles or udon.


These yams are grown in Hokkaido, Japan and take on a different flavor due to the unique terroir of the region.