Melogold Pomelo #48 - 2 Pieces


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Melogold grapefruits are a hybrid of pomelo and white grapefruit. They are similar to oro blanco grapefruits in that they are remarkably sweet and lack the bitterness that is often associated with grapefruits. These citrus fruits are rife with grapefruit aroma, juicy, and full flavored with little to no bitterness.


Uses: Melogold grapefruits can be peeled by hand to reveal the sweet white flesh within. The pith should be discarded and only the pulp should be eaten. The fragrant peel can be used in cocktails or made into candied zest.


Melogold grapefruits can have green or yellow skin depending on the time of harvest. They can be distinguished by their white-yellow interior and sweet citrus flavor.