[Limited Season] Young Ginger (Pink Ginger) - 1 Lb


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Young ginger, also known as pink ginger and spring ginger, are a highly coveted variant of ginger root with a limited season of just two months from April to May. Unlike mature ginger that is spicy, fibrous, and pungent: these flavorful rhizomes are juicy, mild, and incredibly floral with thin, tender skin that can be rubbed off with a towel or spoon. Young ginger is often used as a vegetable or pickled (whole or sliced) for sushi.

Uses: Slice ginger thinly and add raw to your salads, desserts, or cocktails to add a floral bouquet and texture. Marinate peeled ginger in rice vinegar and sugar to taste to make a delicious pickled condiment for sushi or as a palate cleanser. The natural color of young ginger will result in a pink color.