Ginkgo Nut - 8.8 oz


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Gingko nuts are the seeds of the ginkgo tree that is commonly found in urban areas such as the streets of Tokyo, Japan, or domestically in Brooklyn, New York. The fruit of the tree is stinky and allergenic which makes harvesting this nut an unpleasant task. Ginkgo nuts are nutty with a sweet-bitter flavor and are commonly added to stews, braises, or grilled. They are traditionally used for their medicinal and nutritional properties. Take care to fully cook gingko nuts as raw nuts can cause stomachaches.


Uses: Ginkgo nuts can be prepared a variety of ways to be both sweet or savory. Stir-fry with honey until golden brown. Add to your soups or stews at the start of the cooking process. Braise with your favorite meats such as pork belly until tender.