Friar Plums - 2 Lbs


Friar plums have a midnight black exterior contrasted by pale golden flesh. These plums have a small pit that separates easily and they are larger than similar varieties. The skin is refreshingly tart with a sweet, mild flesh. Friar plums are perfect for fruit salads, jams, or snacking.


Uses: Plums are excellent raw as a topping for frozen desserts, tarts, or pies. Chopped plums can be cooked gently over a low heat with sugar to make a delicious syrup or compote.


Plums also make surprisingly good pickles. Try steeping sliced plums in 2:3 parts rice vinegar to sugar with salt, star anise, a ginger, and cinnamon for at least 3 days.


Each order averages 6 to 7 plums.