Viet Huong Three Crabs Fish Sauce - 24 oz (鱼露)


Fish sauce is an intensely savory condiment made by salting and fermenting anchovies for up to two years. It is a quintessential part of Southeast Asian cuisine in adding complexity, flavor, and umami. Three Crabs fish sauce is made with incredible attention to detail resulting in a clean, rich flavor that is less salty, less fishy, and more savory than other brands. Use fish sauce sparingly to add an intense boost of flavor to almost all of your dishes.


Uses: Mix soy sauce, fish sauce, and orange juice at a 3:2:1 ratio to make a delicious ponzu dip for sashimi and hot pot. Fish sauce is an essential ingredient for adding complexity and deep savoriness to Southeast Asian dishes such as pad thai or panang curry. Fish sauce makes a legendary pairing with sugar, lime, raw garlic, and chili (nuoc cham).


If we could only use one fish sauce forever, this would be our pick.