Mandarin Soyfoods Egg Tofu - 8 oz

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Egg tofu is a type of soybean product made from soy milk and whole eggs that is commonly used in Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is tender and smooth texture similar to slightly firmer silken tofu. Egg tofu is fully cooked and ready-to-eat although its rich egg flavor and umami is enhanced through high heat cooking such as frying or searing. Egg tofu is not to be confused with Japanese tamago tofu which contains no soybeans.


Uses: Slice egg tofu into 1 inch slices before frying both sides until golden brown.


Ingredients: Water, liquid eggs (whole eggs), soybeans (non-GMO), flavor enhancer (hydrolyzed corn protein, hydrogenated soybean oil), potassium pyrophosphate, salt, magnesium chloride, glucono-delta-lactone.