Dried Chrysanthemum Flower Bud - 3.5 oz


Chrysanthemum, also called mums, or chrysanths, are flowering pants in the Aster family. These pale golden flowers are ubiquitous as an herbal tea in many parts of Asia and Europe. Chrysanthemum has a richly floral aroma with notes of honey and fresh herb. This herbal tea pairs exceptionally well with honey or sugar and is excellent served hot or cold. Chrysanthemum buds are the highest quality of chrysanthemum flower: it is harvested from young plants just before they bloom and yield a tea that is incredibly fragrant, sweet, and rich while also mild. These buds will bloom after being brewed and yield a pale golden hued liquid.


Uses: Brew chrysanthemum as strong as desired. A teaspoon is good for 2-3 cups of water. Rock sugar or honey can be added for a layer of sweetness if desired.