Fresh Oakwood Flower Shiitake Mushroom - 1 Lb (花菇)

Flower shiitake mushroom, also known as donko shiitake, is a variety of mushroom that is known for its distinct flower-like patterns on the cap. This type of shiitake mushroom is grown on oak logs, which results in a slower cultivation process but yields larger and more flavorful mushrooms. Flower shiitakes are considered the highest grade of all shiitake mushrooms.

In terms of appearance, flower shiitake mushrooms have a brown, umbrella-shaped cap with a unique flower-like pattern of cracks on the surface. The stem is thick and meaty, and the flesh is dense with a meaty texture.

Flower shiitake mushrooms are highly valued for their intense fragrance and aroma, which can add depth and complexity to dishes. They are commonly used in Japanese cuisine, where they are often added to soups, stir-fries, and rice dishes.